Phra Somdej Kao Arahat

Name of the image of Buddha:Phra Somdej Kao Arahat (9 Arahants ) Lang Yant mongkut Pra Buddha Chao (with crown of Buddha  Yantra in the back)
Supporter of casting:Luang Phor Pern of Wat Bangphra , Nakhon Pathom Luang Phor Poom of Wat Pailom , Nakhon Pathom , Luang Pu Yaem of Wat Samngam , Nakhon Pathom , Luang Phor Uttama of Wat Wangwiwekaram , Kanchanaburi and many top monks chanted at Grand Ceremony.
Location of Casting or Finding:Lohk-Tip Foundation , Bangkok
Year of Casting:2538BE
Praise of the image of Buddha:Harmproof , knifeproof ,radiating with charm and bring good fortune.